Quick Plowing Tips

1 Back dragging can be helpful to access hard to reach places, such as side of a building or edge of a parking lot. To back drag, put the blade in the full up position, drive forward until you reach the edge of the hard-to-reach area. Bring the blade down, put the vehicle in reverse and drag the material (snow, gravel, dirt) backwards. Once back dragging is complete, turn vehicle around and push the material forward to desired location.
2 POWERtach™ blade has the capability of being placed in a down pressure mode or a floating mode. Use the down pressure mode when back dragging or blading dirt. Use the floating mode when blading snow or gravel.
3 To efficiently and effectively remove slush or water from uneven road surfaces, replace the hardened wear bar with optional squeegee attachment. The rubber edges adjust to the uneven surfaces and push the material where you want it to go.
4 POWERtach™ skid shoes have a height adjustment feature. To raise the blade off the plowed surface a constant distance, adjust the skid shoes downwards. To ensure that the hardened wear bar is directly on the plowed surface, adjust the skid shoes all the way up. Adjusting the skid shoes can be done in minutes, without any tools!
5 Utilize our POWERtach™ troubleshooting guide for quick and easy instructions concerning your plow.